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Maraekat plans to launch new travel app

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Akshay Kumar- Mumbai

Maraekat Infotech, software solutions company, has plans to launch a travel application which will promote the unexplored destinations in India. Speaking exclusively to Express TravelWorld, Seema Varghese, director, Maraekat Infotech, said, “Our company has always been successful in catering to the latest technology in the market. We are planning to launch a travel app which will promote all the unexplored destinations. The plans are still at a very nascent stage. We will launch this new product by 2014.”

Maraekat Infotech has been a pioneer in this industry since 1993 and has been successful in developing a series of travel and hospitality based software solutions. Recently, Maraekat has developed a new software for the car rental, which has not been so popular in India.

Varghese Jacob, director, Maraekat Infotech, said, “Car Rentals is a globally famous concept, even in India the self driven vacations are now steadily blooming. We have come up with a software where one can track the driver, which is GPS enabled and can be compatible with any smartphone.”

Speaking about the technology in India, Jacob, said, “ Technology has played a key role in this recession struck market. Every industry is adapting to technology to decrease their cost and increase efficiency.”