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Bird Group organises workshop on Indian aviation industry

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ETW StaffMumbai

Bird Group, one of India’s largest diversified group in the aviation, travel and information technology arena together with eminent aviation expert and German educationist Dr. Klause Jackel conducted a special workshop on the aviation industry for the Bird Group workforce and Bird Academy students. The four day workshop was held at Dusit Devarana New Delhi from November 10– 13, 2014.

The aim of the workshop was to share the best practices to identify and develop an understanding of the relevant and crucial determinants of the aviation industry such as business models of Gulf carriers and their impacts on the Indian markets. An Aviation Management professor at University of Applied Science Worms, Germany, Dr. Jackel also discussed the relevance of distance, diversity and culture, models to describe different cultures as well as extensive studies of the Japanese and Chinese societies. The training session also analysed the prevailing system of world travel and trade in globalised markets.

The workshop concluded with a special session for all the employees of Bird Group along with the students of Bird Academy highlighting the commercial aspects of the airport business such as analysis of special cost situation, route management and network operations. Apart from these insightful discussions by Dr. Jackel, the attendees were also addressed by Radha Bhatia, chairperson, Bird Group, on various relevant attributes of the aviation industry. Bird Group along with IATA country director distributed certificates in the ceremony.

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