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IndiGo launches ‘Family Fare’

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ETW StaffMumbai

IndiGo has announced a discount of upto 25 per cent for a family of four or more travelling together in a single PNR. The ‘Family Fare’ offer will be effective from May 6, 2014, and is valid across all domestic flights and destinations. Passengers will be able to book family fares by checking-in the ‘Family Fare’ tab on home page of www.goindigo.in.

With the new ‘Family Fare’, IndiGo also introduces an all-inclusive display of fares in the fare column on flight result page of the website, where passengers can view the break-up of the total fare.

Aditya Ghosh, president, IndiGo said, “We at IndiGo, believe that we live in rapidly changing times where the needs of Indian travellers are fast expanding, and so is our spectrum of travel solutions. In order to enhance the overall experience of the families travelling together, our first-of-its kind offer is a benefit to such families, regardless of the reason they are travelling- leisure, education, business or to see loved ones. With these special attractive fares, this is the perfect opportunity for the families to experience our hassle-free and on-time performance that we are synonymous with. We are confident that the new initiative would prove immensely popular with our passengers.”

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