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British Airways to start new automatic check-in trial

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As part of its £5 billion investment programme British Airways is trialling a new service to provide its customers with the option to use an automatic check-in service. Frank van der Post, managing director of Brands and Customer Experience, British Airways, said: “Customers have so much to think about prior to a trip, be that finishing up in the office or getting the kids’ suitcases packed. We’re aiming to give them one less thing to think about by giving them the choice to be checked in automatically and sent their boarding pass electronically. Then they just need to drop off any bags and make their way to the plane.”

British Airways will soon start a trial with selected travellers flying out of airports in France. Invited customers will have the option to be checked in automatically. Twenty-four hours before their flight, customers will be automatically checked in, assigned a seat and they will receive their boarding pass electronically, saving them the time and effort of going through traditional check-in.

The automated check-in trial will be extended to a larger group of travellers in the spring. If the trials are a success, the aim is to make the service an option for all customers across the British Airways network by the end of 2013.

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