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Traditional style, contemporary facilities

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The village of Ullal is famous twice over, for its famous Queen Abbakarani who reigned in the 15th century, a veritable freedom fighter, defended her coastal bastion against the marauding Portuguese and defeated them in a sea battle and the other is the beautiful Summer Sands Beach Resort which has come up in the very area that the queen took her morning constitutional. The resort is owned by the Albuquerque family going back six generations and pioneers of the famous Mangalore Tiles, dating back to the early 19th century.

Wedged between Kerala and Goa, a suburb of Mangalore, a port city, The Summer Sands, is a must for beach lovers doing the coastal circuit on the west coast. It is no more a point of transit but has now become a destination in itself. The magic starts at the very gate itself, where you sight the mighty Indian Ocean and the Arabian sea. Cozy Mangalore red tiled villas, a palm fringed pool, and the almost alfresco restaurants breathe out peace and serenity. The villas are colourful, spacious and airy with French windows that open out onto a sit out and lawned gardens.

The expansive pool is the heart of the resort. The bar is called the ‘Alexis Lounge’ after the patriarch of the Albuquerque family. The bar overlooks the pool and is tastefully done with lithographs of Mangalore a decade ago and also displaying a little history of the Albuquerque family.

The fine dining outlet, named Memories of Joanna, after another ancestor, highlights the trophies of Joanna’s prowess in the culinary world. Chef Chamul has an array of succulent kababs, rotis and naans.

Day trips to St.Mary’s Isle a basalt columnar wonder or to the Bekal Fort a massive structure on a cliff overhanging the sea, while a day in the city of Mangalore with its 1000-year-old monuments are all enjoyable experiences. Special facilities for the physically disabled, students and senior citizens make it a resort with a heart.