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‘The KwaZulu-Natal experience will be enriching for the delegates’

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What is the primary focus of this year’s convention and how different do you think it will be from the previous ones?

Praveen Chugh

The primary focus of this year’s convention will be conducting world class business sessions and sharing the vision beyond 2013. The topics selected for the business sessions will be much more in sync with the times. The convention this year will also be of a longer duration as compared to ones in the past- it will be spanning over nine nights as compared to the five-six nights offered in earlier conventions. About 90 per cent of the delegates have not previously visited the KwaZulu-Natal province, they will be in for some rich experience and further, to sell this destination to their clients and we would make sure that they come back with bagful of knowledge.

Is there a set plan to continue your connect with South Africa for further tourism initiatives?

TAFI will be closely working with South Africa especially with KwaZulu-Natal Tourism along with SATSA for the next five years. A road map for the same is being worked out.

Are there any plans for the next year’s convention?

It’s too early to announce the next year’s convention.

Is there a message you wish to impart to the members of your fraternity?

TAFI’s message to the travel fraternity is clearly expressed – always remain united, attend all business sessions for the expansion of your own business and industry survival.