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Beyond just wildlife experiences

Stories of popular tigers Munna, Chota Munna, T2 and others dominate conversations among guests playing indoor games, lazing around the pool or relishing chai and pakoda in the Chai Ki Tapri zone at the Club Mahindra Kanha.

What hits you as soon as you step into Club Mahindra Kanha resort apart from the appetising welcome juice made of bael (wood apple) is a striking white board. It is a board that articulately documents guest experiences of their personal tiger encounters. Details of exciting tiger sightings, in which zone (there are four Safari Zones in Kanha), at what time and in which spot the elusive tiger was spotted go up on the board. The fun begins with the very thought of spotting the tiger in the natural habitat along with a series of interesting activities within the resort.

The Club Mahindra ethos is its focus on family travel and holidays and it surely works toward offering a series of interesting activities to explore and participate. From yoga mornings to barbeque evenings,  the resort offers entertainment activities for its guests throughout the day like chicken catching, (which takes place on the property lawns), glass painting in the club house and more.  Further, the activities and experiences are not restricted to the resort alone. There are interesting village tours, a trek around the Gidhlee Waterfalls, an organic farm tour and more. For wildlife enthusiasts, the national park offers both morning and evening safaris to the core zone.

For the hardcore wildlife enthusiast, the night safari in the buffer zone is an absolute must do. The anticipation, the suspense, the feel of being on high alert to encounter the stripes is truly worth the three hours in the park by night.