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As part of an initiative of India Center Foundation (ICF) which aims to look at partnership and co-operation not just between India and Japan but also between different nations within Asia and the world, the India-Japan Global Partnership Summit (IJGPS) will be held from December 15 -18 2013, at Greater Noida. Formulating socio-economic framework based on energy efficiency, environmental responsibility and sustainability will be the objective of the summit this year. Apart from agriculture, education and infrastructure focus will be on the tourism sector as well. ICF plans to achieve a better growth in the tourism sector with efforts towards the development of infrastructure which forms the basic root of growth in this sector.

IJGPS 2013 will act as a major tool of discussion on the partnership between the two nations to develop infrastructure, tourism facilities and well connected mass transportation system to all the Buddhist nodes in India and throughout Asia which will be called the Trans-Asian Buddhist Circuit initiative. The Summit will include a plenary discussion on this circuit; a breakout session on Infrastructure and Investment followed by two breakout sessions on Japan India- Million Tourist Exchange and Golf – A Global Bond. Lastly, a roundtable session will be held on promotion of socio-economic tourism infrastructure. The summit will also provide a platform for discussion and execution of ‘Tourism from now on’ to seek cooperation and potential development in the tourism sector.

Some of the expected speakers at the summit include Dr Manmohan Singh, prime minister, India; Shinzo Abe, prime minister, Japan; Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, president, Liberia; Akhilesh Yadav, chief minister, UP; Sheila Dixit, chief minister, Delhi; Kabil Sibal, minister of commerce and IT, India; Anil Ambani, group chairman & CEO, Reliance group; Toshihiro Nikai, former minister, economy, trade and industry; Lakshmi Mittal, chairman & CEO, ArcelorMittal; M D Nalapat, director, geopolitics and international relations, UNESCO Peace Chair and S Gopalakrishnan, president, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

“India and Japan have been working continuosly as partners for the development at various sectors. Both these nations share democratic and socio-cultural values. The two nations have a strong potential to derive a unique socio-economic growth. We have been making every effort to make the Summit successful and work towards the development of infrastructure and tourism which forms an important part of the economy. India and Japan have set a great example for the entire world with their partnership. The PPP model in tourism infrastructure which we have adopted focusing on public and private sector strategy, points towards a new socio economic framework for both countries and rest of the world. Other than this we are have also initiated the development of Trans-Asian Buddhist Circuit nodes which needs to be evolved. The new development model of Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor will also be looked at focusing on its economic opportunities and social challenges. We hope to witness a great attendance this year which will enable us to look at key focus areas more deeply” says Vaibhav Kant Upadhyay, chairman, ICF.

Working under the guiding principle of R-M-E, the ICF advocates building up of a strong relationship followed by deliberations to devise a mechanism to bring about effective execution leading to social empowerment, holistic and robust economy. ICF aims to develop a global market of this framework for India, Japan and the other nations. The focus areas of discussions this year at IJGPS will be tourism; agro-economy; art, media and culture; banking and finance; industrial co-operations; healthcare; energy security; information and communication technology; education and skill development and infrastructure and logistics. The areas within tourism which will be looked upon in the summit include pilgrimage tourism, eco tourism, medical tourism, film tourism, wellness tourism, MICE tourism, golf tourism and wildlife tourism.

IJGPS 2011 which was held in Tokyo witnessed participation from India, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada and Nepal.