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Kokan Bhumi Pratisthan announces first Global Kokan Village Tourism Festival to promote village experiences in Kokan

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Konkan region is one of India’s oldest and richest place in the world with more than 10000 years of rich historical heritage. To promote Kokan region and to share its experiences, Konkan Bhumi Pratishthan is organising the first ever Village Tourism Festival to kickstart the first phase of 8th Global Konkan Festival. The Village Tourism festival will commence during the Christmas vacation starting from December 22 to December 31, 2018. Starting in Arnala in stage one the Village Tourism Festival will move on to four other villages namely Ainshet (Wada), Chowl (Revdanda), Ambivali (Palghar).

Sanjay Yadavrao (chief convener, Global Konkan Festival) shared, “The Village Tourism Festival has been organised to provide business opportunities and job generation for locals and rural youth of Kokan belt and also to bring a slice of village life to people of the city. Kokan Bhumi Pratisthan and Global Kokan have always been at the forefront of Konkan development, and it will always be our endeavor to maintain Kokan region and maintain its 10000 years old heritage.”

The Village Tourism Festival will start at Arnala Village, near Virar, where tourists and visitors will be able to experience first-hand typical everyday village life. Visitors will be able to learn various arts, crafts, feel a life of a proper village which the children from modern cities are deprived off. Besides arts and crafts, they can take part in activities like playing traditional games of Vitidandu, etc, take ride in bullock cart, nature walks, and many more. One can also chat with the head of the village, gain understanding of the rural economy, village grammar and language, traditions, folk art. The foodies will be able to savour real authentic Kokani delicacies made from fish, chicken and delectable desserts. Ardent shoppers will be able to shop at the Kokan Flea market, where they can buy artifacts, local food, pickles, art, and much more.

Besides the traditional activities, Arnala Village is famous for its beaches and aero sports. Visitors can spend a day at the beach doing adventure sports like paragliding, boating, etc. At Arnala, visitors can also soar to the skies at the first ever Aero Sports Activity Center in Kokan started by Arnala resident Samson D’silva. They can get a birds-eye view of the village of Arnala and surrounding areas in a “Paramotor”, which is a most popular form of aerial adventure where one takes flight using a parachute attached to a motor. In addition, there is a 200 meter long zip line valley crossing, rappling, kayaking, etc. For the nature enthusiasts, Mamachi Wadi, an agri-tourism center started by local resident Johnson Lopez in Arnala, is a treasure trove of local flora and fauna where one can see a wide range of popular flowers like Mogra, Lily, Zhendu (Marigold) and Rose and lesser known ones like Sonchafa.

In the second phase, the 8th Global Konkan International Festival will take place at Nesco, Goregaon from January 3 to 6, 2019. India Tourism, Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, Bassein Catholic Bank, Pitambari, etc support these rural tourism festivals.