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Kannur International Airport will bring in a fundamental change to the region socially and economically – V Thulasidas

Kerala gets its four international airport, with Kannur international airport getting into active zone since December 9, 2018

Kerala now has its fourth international airport, with Kannur International Airport becoming operational on December 9, 2018. The airport functions as an international airport with connections to the Middle East and and few regions in India. The airport was planned and built from its inception as an international airport. The 3050 metres long runway with a provision to extend the runway to 4000 metres and an apron with multiple aircraft ramp systems, the airport is built to meet the future aviation demand that the country is pitched to generate.

After his retirement as CMD of Air India, V Thulasidas, MD, Kannur International Airport, took up the responsibility of planning and developing this airport. In an exclusive with Express TravelWorld, he says, “It was a greenfield airport and we had to build it from scratch. My job was to acquire land for the airport. We had to appoint a contractor and a consultant. This airport has been planned and built from day one only as an international airport. The first flight that took off was an international one. We will get three more airlines to start flights from summer.”

Speaking about non aero revenue, Thulasidas was quick to respond, as he feels today no airport can survive on only aeronautical revenue. The airport has a huge land area and aims to increase the non aero revenue to 50 per cent, which will help them reach break even soon. Speaking about the airport becoming a tourism game changer, he said, “Many regions will benefit due to this airport especially regions of North Kerala and Coorg in Karnataka. From handlooms to tourism, this airport will make these regions far more connected and accessible. The airport will bring in fundamental change to the region socially and economically.”