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Vistajet adds 5 global aircraft to its fleet in Q1 2014

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ETW StaffMumbai

VistaJet, business aviation company, is on track with its expansion by adding five Bombardier Global aircraft, valued at over US$ 250 million, to its fleet in the first quarter 2014. VistaJet will also take delivery of up to 10 new Challenger 350 and up to 10 Challenger 605 jets in 2014. Challenger jet deliveries are scheduled to begin in the third quarter.

Thomas Flohr, founder and chairman, VistaJet, said, “This is truly an exciting start to the year. As per our plan, we are taking delivery of Global aircraft and expanding our fleet. In the last two weeks of March alone we took delivery of four Global jets, this is unprecedented.”

The company is also on track to renew its medium and long-range aircraft. The current Challenger 605 fleet aircraft will be completely renewed while the Challenger 350 jets will replace the current fleet of Learjet 60 XR aircraft.

“I am particularly pleased about the introduction of the Challenger 350 jet to the fleet as I was personally active in the customer focus groups for this aircraft. It offers a combination of cabin technology and overall performance. I can confirm that VistaJet’s Challenger 350 aircraft will feature a unique configuration, geared toward maximum comfort, privacy and security. The Challenger fleet renewal will be complete by the end of the year,” continued Mr. Flohr.

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