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The Golden Chariot celebrates its 100th trip

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The Golden Chariot celebrated its 100th trip during the November 12-19, 2012 journey covering Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Puducherry and Kerala. The trip was a major milestone for the Golden Chariot and Karnataka Tourism. The 100th trip had 86 of 88 possible passengers travelling onboard making it a 100 per cent sell-out trip with all the cabins are fully booked by international as well as domestic tourists (Lions Club members).

The Golden Chariot has been recording a steady increase in occupancy levels in  the last four years. From 22 per cent in its first year of operation, the last season saw the luxury train manage nearly 40 per cent occupancy despite several trips getting cancelled. Also, The Golden Chariot has been the only luxury train among five others in India to record a growth in occupancy.

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