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Taiwan is best value destination for Christmas shopping

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ETW StaffMumbai

A recent survey by Hotels.com has revealed that Taiwan is the destination offering the greatest value for bargain hunters this Christmas, as it tops the list of destinations where consumers can get the best value for money for their gifts.

The Hotels.com Christmas Shopping Basket looks at the price of 13 of the most popular – globally available – presents across 29 countries, to produce a consumer spending index, with potential gifts ranging from iPads to Barbie’s Dreamhouse.

Taiwan was found, on average, to be the best value destination for Christmas shopping with a combined shopping basket of HK$11,369.15, followed by Japan with HK$15,990.41 and Argentina HK$16,051.97 in second and third place respectively.

Brazil was the country with the most expensive shopping basket at HK$36,995.92, over HK$14,000 more than the global average of HK$22,678.53.

The total costs per country for the entirety of the Hotels.com Christmas shopping basket (average price of basket in HK$): Taiwan – 11,369.15; Japan – 15,990.41; Argentina – 16,051.97; Korea – 16,192.84; Thailand – 16,595.92; Switzerland – 17,478.36; Hong Kong – 19,746.97; Canada – 20,430.01; India – 20,966.05; Singapore – 21,256.79; Russia – 21,288.96; Sweden – 21,497.60; USA – 21,730.88; Australia – 22,467.65; Colombia – 22,611.55; The Netherlands – 23,557.80; China – 23,715.88; France – 24,225.49; Ireland – 24,328.29; New Zealand – 24,483.20; Spain – 24,963.42; UK – 25,021.41; Germany – 25,198.26; Mexico – 25,465.66; Denmark – 26,864.07; Italy – 28,182.39; Finland – 29,189.35; Norway – 29,811.06; Brazil – 36,995.92

Alison Couper, senior director global communications, Hotels.com brand said, “Christmas shopping always seems to be more alluring when done abroad and what’s better than combining gift buying with a holiday. Our shopping basket is a great way for consumers to find the best places to pick up Christmas bargains.”

The Hotels.com Christmas Shopping Basket consists of: iPad Air, iPad with retina display, ladies real leather gloves, Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Le Male’ Eau de Toilette 75ml, Calvin Klein socks, iPhone 5S, Chloe by Chloe Perfume 75ml, Spiderman lunch box, Susan Boyle Home for Christmas album, Barbie Dreamhouse, How I Met Your Mother season 7, Levis 501s (men’s straight leg jeans), Harry Potter box set (all books)

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