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SITA unveils next-gen passenger services system

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SITA unveiled Horizon, its next generation passenger services system (PSS), at the Air Transport IT Summit in Brussels. SITA is the only major supplier to design and build an end-to-end passenger system on a third generation platform.

As the technology landscape is changing with increasing use of mobiles and new devices, airlines need the flexibility to be able to deploy their services through any channel – both current and future – in a simple way. More than 150 airlines and ground handlers across the world currently use SITA’s PSS. They, and others, will have access to the capability to meet and adapt to changing market needs with SITA’s new, agile Horizon platform.

SITA has invested significantly to make Horizon a truly flexible platform to meet the needs of the airlines’ changing business environment. Francesco Violante, CEO, SITA said, “This marks a milestone for our industry. The legacy systems that supported everything from reservations, to departure control and inventory management have served us well. But we are in a new era of technology, lifestyles and customer expectations, forcing rapid change both on airlines and us as their technology provider. Airlines need systems that are agile. Passenger management and distribution solutions must be able to respond to individual situations, so airlines can fully exploit customer opportunities happening in real time. At this time of change, it is vital that SITA made the investment in Horizon to keep competition and choice in the industry.”

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