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SilkAir introduces SilkAir Studio

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ETW StaffMumbai

SilkAir, the regional wing of Singapore Airlines, has launched its new wireless in-flight entertainment (IFE) system, SilkAir Studio. Complementing the existing overhead system, this new wireless service will provide customers with diverse options for a more customised in-flight entertainment experience. Passengers on SilkAir flights will be able to stream blockbuster hits, short features, as well as chart-topping music to their personal laptops and handheld devices throughout their flights.

With SilkAir Studio, customers do not need to download a separate mobile app prior to boarding. Once the inflight entertainment system is switched on, customers can enjoy the new programmes on their personal mobile devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. All these will be provided on a complimentary basis. For flights above two hours, tablets will be offered to business class customers.

The launch of this new system comes after a trial conducted by SilkAir on one of its aircraft beginning last December. Feedback from customers was generally very positive, with stable technical performance and operating efficiency recorded.

Leslie Thng, chief executive, SilkAir, said, “Following the introduction of our new Boeing fleet in February, we are excited to introduce this new wireless in-flight entertainment system, SilkAir Studio, to our customers. It is a service that will give passengers an innovative new way to enjoy entertainment content in the air, using personal devices of their choice to enjoy the latest programming from our SilkAir library. We have always strived to provide enjoyable experiences, and we are confident that SilkAir Studio will help us to continue delivering on this promise.”

A wide variety of entertainment options will be offered; up to 20 Hollywood and international movies, up to 26 short features, and up to 100 musical albums, all refreshed on a regular basis.

Available on all Boeing 737s and will progressively be implemented on most A319 and A320 aircraft by end 2014. Streaming is enabled on iOS, Android and Windows-based smart phones/tablets. Android users will need to download a specific mobile app from the file server onboard the aircraft.