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RezNext partners with Cleartrip

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ETW Staff- Mumbai

RezNext, real-time distribution company and Cleartrip, online travel portal, have partnered to provide Cleartrip’s customers a real-time hotel booking service. RezNext’s distribution technology connects the Cleartrip platform with the hotel’s system for real-time and faster exchange of data.

Amit Taneja, director – hotels, Cleartrip said, “Discerning Indian travellers today look for honest and competitive rates, exhaustive choices, room availability and last minute deals. With RezNext embracing new technology and offering seamless connectivity for Cleartrip, we’re confident of bringing unparalleled convenience to our growing customer base. This is just another step at Cleartrip to showcase to all its partners and users, the ability to make travel simple, with comprehensive content, innovative technology, responsive customer service, and a travel platform that strives to work better.”

Mike Kistner, chief executive officer, RezNext Global Solutions, said, “We are committed to simplifying the current complex distribution environment. Our real-time two-way interface connects our hotel customers and our online distribution channel partners, automating the reservation process and opening up hotel reservation 24/7. RezNext more importantly allows hoteliers and distribution channels to do away with costs associated with manual distribution. Our technology also reduces dependency on labour, allowing hotels and channel partners to focus resources on more important tasks, improving the productivity of their personnel. We are excited about this partnership. We are powering the Cleartip site not just in India, but also in UAE, Srilanka and Africa.”

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