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Poll reveals 73% Indians want to fly ‘Gangnam style’ on New Year

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Getting away to celebrate New Year is always popular but what about celebrating in the air? In a poll of international travelers, Skyscanner found that over three-quarters of Indian travellers (73 per cent) would like to bring in the New Year on a plane with Korean star PSY.

In an international Facebook poll by Skyscanner respondents were asked to choose which musician or band’s tour plane they’d most like to join for a party in the air. Out of the 3000 Indian travellers who were polled, PSY beat Lady Gaga and Bollywood starlet Katrina Kaif. In fact, PSY seemed the popular choice amongst other South East Asian Countries.

For a third of travellers (30 per cent), the dream flight to celebrate the New Year would include dancing in the aisles, DJs or live music to create that party atmosphere at 35,000 feet. And, while Rihanna has made a name for herself as in-flight party host by inviting fans to join her private jet on her recent world tour, it seems Indian travellers want nothing more than to dance ‘Gangnam style’ in the aisles, with PSY on a dream flight to Seoul.

Kavitha Gnanamurthy, Skyscanner’s market development manager for India, commented, “New Year’s Eve is synonymous with celebrations and extravagant spending. Our survey reveals that travellers would actually be keen to celebrate in the air. Given the popularity of the ‘Gangnam style’ song and Indians love for music and dancing, it comes as no surprise that Indian travellers would like to party with PSY on New Year’s Eve.”

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