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PATA welcomes decision on Sydney’s 2nd airport

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ETW StaffMumbai

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has applauded the Australian Cabinet’s announcement on April 15, 2014 of Badgerys Creek as the selected site for a second new airport to the west of Sydney.

Martin Craigs, chief executive officer, PATA, said, “After decades of myopic dialogue and dubious debate, the decision to move forward with a second city airport delivers great opportunities for the travel industry and next generation Australian job seekers who should recognise that air connectivity is vital for 21st century employment.”

As far back as 1964 a New South Wales Government report recognised that a satellite airport to support Sydney’s Kingsford Smith was needed; since then the issue has been exhaustively debated and until now, continually rejected due to the contentious nature of the subject and the potential impact it would have on voters in marginal constituencies.

PATA held think tank “Hub City Forum” sessions on this issue with major public and private stakeholders in Sydney in 2012 and 2013. It was unanimously agreed that if Sydney and Australia were to capitalise on the increasing number of international travellers urgent change was needed.

The impact of this decision will realise a host of economic and other related benefits both in the immediate and long term, including:

Between AU$11.6bn and AU$15.2bn in additional economic activity by 2050.

The creation of up to 20,000 jobs when the airport becomes fully operational.

Both directly and indirectly the airport could create up to 46,285 full-time equivalent jobs by 2050.

These and the many other benefits as yet to be determined send a clear message to the rest of Asia Pacific and beyond, that Australia is well and truly ‘Open for business’.