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NextEra Motoservices launches innovative transport service

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With intent to make local commuting hassle free, comfortable, stylish, cost effective and safe across India, NextEra Motoservices has launched an innovative transport service – carswappings.com. This is a web portal with an innovate concept which is being introduced for the first time in the world. The aim of the portal carswappings.com is to facilitate their services to the 20 million train travellers and 50 lakh frequent fliers. Headquartered in Jodhpur, Rajasthan; the company aims to cater to cities pan India. carswappings.com helps you enjoy the comfort of travelling in your own car across India.

It is seen that for domestic travellers, local commuting has always been a hassle as local commuting is not uniform and sound across India, for which travellers compromise not only on comfort but also on safety. To provide solution for the same, carswappings.com helps you swap (give and take) your car with a similar car owned by someone else in another city where you wish to travel; thus making your travel safe, easy and comfortable. Carswappings.com connects you to your Host at your visiting destination who can conveniently offer you their chauffer driven car.

carswappings.com aims to cater its services to 200 major cities and towns pan India. They will start swapping cars in major cities from January 26, 2014.

Bharat Bagari, co-founder, carswappings.com said, “When people visit a new city, travelling is always an issue as commuting solutions are not uniform and sound in cities across India. It’s a revolutionary concept that will change the way you travel when you visit a new city In India.”

Pramod Rathi, founder and CEO, carswappings.com said, “The objective behind this concept is to create a cost effective and convenient local travel solution for frequent fliers and travellers who undergo inconvenience in other cities. With carswappings.com one can travel in a chauffeur driven car without paying any extra cost; thus making their lives easier.”