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MTDC to train 200 local guides across the state

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ETW Staff- Mumbai

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC), has announced that they will train the locals of each region as guides. This major initiative was taken to provide support to the tourists visiting various destinations in Maharashtra. The state has many unexplored destinations which are now attracting footfalls.

However, there are not sufficient number of guides to enhance the experience of tourists who can provide interesting facts and historical information about the locations. Having identified this loophole, MTDC had appointed Heritage India Communications to design the outline for training guides. Following the recommendations of the consultant, Expression of Interest (EOI) will be invited from interested agencies who wish to train the guides.

Kishori Gadre, general manager, MTDC, said, “We want to ensure that the quality of training and modules are uniform across the state. Our regional offices across the state will coordinate with the training institutes who must be recognised by the competent authorities. In total about 200 guides will be prepared with up to date information about the destinations.”

The programme will not only help to enhance the experience of tourists, but also help the local youth to have new career option at the local level. These guides can further become the ambassadors of sustainable tourism spreading messages of cleanliness and providing feedback to the agencies. This kind of initiative can also help in improving safety and security of tourists in the state.