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MoT sanctions CFA for passenger information kiosks

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The ministry of tourism (MoT) has sanctioned central financial assistance (CFA) for the installation of passenger information kiosks to various state governments/ Union Territory Administration. A total of Rs 19.69 lakh has been sanctioned to the state government of Andhra Pradesh and, Rs 50 lakh to the State Government of West Bengal during 2010-11. Similarly, Rs 8.55 lakh to the state government of Himachal Pradesh and, Rs 50 lakh to the state government of Assam during 2011-12.

MoT provides CFA to various state governments/ UT administrations for various tourism projects prioritised every year in consultation with them subject to availability of funds, inter-se priority and adherence to the scheme guidelines. The responsibility for running the kiosks lies with the respective state governments.

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