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Lavasa witnesses increase in tourist traffic by 29%

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Lavasa has been witnessing an increasing momentum in tourism activity and has consolidated its position as the top weekend destination in Maharashtra. The tourist traffic went up by 29 per cent cent during the first half of 2013 compared to previous year. June 2013 alone witnessed a record breaking 99,381 tourists, a whopping 73 per cent increase over June 2012 numbers.

The total number of visitors reached 338,258 tourists between January to June 2013 compared to 262,805 tourists that visited during the first half of previous year.

Except for March and April, which is primarily an exam season, the tourist traffic has consistently grown in the first half of the year. A sharp rise was witnessed during June which is the best season to visit Lavasa, together with a refreshing climate and a vibrant lush green landscape with gushing waterfalls.

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