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KLM introduces payment via social media

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ETW StaffMumbai

As first airline in the world KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has developed a method of payment which enables customers to pay via social media. Customers using Facebook or Twitter can book or rebook a flight, make a seat reservation, or arrange extra baggage, can now pay through these channels.

Customers are already able to arrange extra services through social media, but until now payment has taken place over the telephone. There was a huge demand by the customers that they would like to pay online through social media channels. With this new method, contact with the customer takes place exclusively through the social media channel. This enables KLM to provide an even better, more convenient service.

KLM sends a link to the customer in a private message on Facebook or Twitter. The customer can then select their preferred method of payment and complete the transaction. The social media service agent at KLM then receives a message to say that payment has been received and the customer in turn receives confirmation of the payment.

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