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India’s first national film tourism conclave to be held in Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai

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Film Federation of India (FFI), the apex trade body of Indian film industry has announced the launch of the first edition of India International Film Tourism Conclave (IIFTC 2013).  IIFTC 2013 is India痴 first multicity film tourism event and is scheduled to take place on 2nd, 4th and 6th February in Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai respectively.  This is the first time ever a film tourism event is taking place in the Southern film markets of Chennai and Hyderabad. IIFTC 2013 is organised by Mercury Integrated Marketing Services PL and promoted by Film Federation of India in association with South Indian Film Chamber (for Chennai event) and Andhra Film Chamber (for Hyderabad event)

IIFTC 2013 will see participation from countries such as Fiji, Cyprus, Oman, Egypt, Korea and Indian states such as Maharashtra, Gujarat and New Delhi. IIFTC will also have participation from various other line producers and entities related to film tourism.

Commenting on the conclave Bijay Khemka, president, Film Federation of India said, “The Silver Screen is recognised as the best medium to promote destinations by more and more tourism boards. Through IIFTC, we attempt to address the need for a neutral and credible forum that facilitates interaction and encourages development of film tourism”

Core vision behind IIFTC 2013 is to create a national platform, which allows international and domestic tourism boards, film commissions and line producers to interact with the Indian film and television industry to promote their countries, locations and services catering to foreign shooting requirements.

According to Harshad Bhagwat, director, IIFTC and director, Mercury Integrated, “We have received tremendous response for the first edition of IIFTC, primarily due to our unique format of going to three hubs of the India entertainment industry. Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai together cater to over 90 per cent of film tourism demand and tourism boards are looking for a single umbrella platform that will reach out to the vast and diverse film industry in India.”

According to Anindya Dasgupta, convenor, IIFTC, “Our long term vision for IIFTC is that it becomes a bridge between the film and tourism industry. While our flagship event will take place every year in February, thorough the year we plan to conduct many stimulating activities that would not only further the cause of film tourism but will also give tourism boards and film commissions around the world a reliable platform to reach out to the Indian film industry.”

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