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How nanotechnology will impact hospitality industry?

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Ecole Hoteliere Lavasa had recently organised a seminar on the application of nanotechnology in the hospitality industry. IT expert Achyut Godbole and Dr Madhavi Thakurdesai, associate professor, Birla College educated the students on the concept of nanotechnology and its likely impact on the global hospitality industry – from a brown bread that can stay fresh for six months to an electronic tongue which tests food for perfect taste.

Godbole spoke about the evolution of information technology and pure sciences, which has led to the birth and growth of nanotechnology. Thakurdesai stated, “The global hospitality business will be impacted to the tune of US$ 92 billion in the near future. Using water as a cleaning agent will no longer be necessary because the walls and the fabric will be made of nano material and will clean it by itself. Such measures will save a huge amount of cost to the industry.”