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Honeywell propels Embraer Legacy 500 into service

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ETW StaffMumbai

A number of Honeywell Aerospace products contributed to the certification of Embraer’s newest midsize jet, the Legacy 500, offering a new level of comfort and reliability in business aviation. Aligned with Embraer’s vision, Honeywell’s technologies on the Legacy 500 are designed for customer comfort and come complete with advanced cabin and propulsion technologies. Honeywell provides the turbofan engines, auxiliary power unit (APU), ovation select cabin management system, cabin pressure control system and air conditioning system for Embraer’s latest midsize jet.

Benjamin Driggs, president, Honeywell Brazil, said, “The Legacy 500 offers a new level in comfortable business travel, and we’ve been fortunate enough to work with Embraer and its customers from the beginning to deliver a truly customised and modern flight experience. The connectivity delivered by ovation select and reliability inherent in the HTF7500E engines and the new APU are going to make the Legacy 500 a productive tool that customers won’t want to live without.”

Honeywell’s latest member of the HTF7000 engine family, the HTF7500E, was developed specifically for the Legacy 500 and offers the latest technology to reduce the Legacy 500’s NOx emissions. The HTF7000 series to date has flown two million flight hours with a dispatch reliability of greater than 99.9 per cent. The Legacy 500’s cabin connectivity and in-flight entertainment help support productivity and enable passengers to control cabin temperature and televisions.

Luciano Castro, vice president Programmes, Embraer Executive Jets, said, “Honeywell’s technology has helped the Legacy 500 redefine customer comfort. The reliability of the engines and the capabilities of the cabin management and environmental control systems also set new standards for providing value to operators.”

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