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Cruise Club launches Polarcruises.in

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Cruise Club a leading multi-brand cruise specialist, has announced the launch of polarcruises.in, a dedicated website for polar expedition cruises and polar experiences.

Speaking at the launch, Kiran Bhandari said, “Today, India’s evolving traveller is looking for newer and more exciting travel opportunities. Arctic and Antarctica are at the top of the ‘bucket list’ for most clients, but they don’t know how to go about getting to these destinations! We are seeing a steady stream of clients wanting to visit these regions, and have in fact, recently closed India’s first tourist group to the North Pole.”

Elaborating further on the efforts behind the scenes leading up to the launch, he added, “Our explorers have personally visited the furthermost regions on this planet to ensure that we can relate to the consumers our personal experiences of these regions. We have also studied and experienced the various offerings out there, and are bringing only the most relevant and interesting options to our travel partners. We have even worked with the suppliers to ensure Indian clients are well taken care off, and have built their capability to offer not just Indian, but even more specifically Jain food (if required) in these regions.”

Discussing what the website offers, Bhandari said, “Apart from the features like expedition search and destination features, we have built in the facility for explorers to share their experiences of these regions. We have lined up a series of explorers across age groups to come and share their polar stories on line, which should be of particular interest to potential explorers.”

Bhandari elaborated, “These experiences are completely different from what you experience in other regions. For the more adventurous, we also offer experiences like camping in the Antarctica, kayaking in the polar waters, hot-air ballooning at the north pole, amongst many other unique experiences we have identified for our clients.”

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