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British Airways simplifies online booking process

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Customers visiting www.ba.com will find it even easier to book flights on the British Airways website thanks to a new registration scheme. The new service offers customers a simple registration option during the booking process, so they can save their personal details to make future bookings easier and quicker.

When customers login, their personal information and APIS details are automatically entered to every new booking, taking out the hassle of adding them each time. Kevin McQuillan, British Airways’ head of ba.com, said, “We are committed to personalising the experience on ba.com to make it more relevant and responsive to our customers. Easy registration is an important step in that direction, which will ensure we recognise our customers and provide them with a process that is quick and easy to use – every time.”

Like other online retailers, such as Amazon, the new British Airways easy registration option allows customers to quickly sign up, providing only their name, email address and password, or to log into their existing registered customer or Executive Club account, while in the booking process. A post-login landing page will display all upcoming flights, providing easy access to bookings.

Registered customers will also have an option to easily convert their account to an Executive Club account, while existing Club members will be able to see all their flights, not just those containing their frequent flyer number.

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