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Amadeus launches consulting services for travel agents in APAC

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ETW StaffMumbai

Amadeus has launched its consulting services to help travel agents in Asia Pacific improve business processes and boost their bottom line. Travel agents today face stiff competition from a growing number of online players, while travellers expect much more than a simple transactional service. Amadeus Consulting Services was created specifically to help travel agents overcome these challenges by providing insight into how to improve their business to ultimately give them more time to focus on their customers’ needs.

Bruno des Fontaines, vice president, Customer Solutions Group, said, “To succeed in today’s travel industry, you need more than the right attitude and the right tools. Asia Pacific is a vast region, but our customers here all face similar issues – they need to improve productivity, but they don’t always know the right way to go about it. Amadeus Consulting Services makes personalised, manageable recommendations that really reduce the stress of changing business processes. So, ultimately our team can do the hard work on behalf of our customers.”

Among the extensive range of services available, travel agents can choose an Amadeus Discovery Workshop where Amadeus engineers conduct an on-site assessment of a travel agent’s work flow, tools and operations. The end result is a set of easy to implement recommendations to maximise business and operations.

Amadeus also provides on-site support and expertise with Project Management Services which helps travel agents manage complex technology developments or migrations. They can even contract an Amadeus expert to manage the project on their behalf.

Melanie Armstrong, business development director, STA Travel, Australia said, “We had a very valuable two day workshop from Amadeus to assess our booking processes. The results have really put perspective and prioritisation around the technology improvements we can make to overcome efficiency challenges in our diverse business.”

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