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Kokopelli’s Cave, New Mexico

The name Kokopelli comes from a flute-playing figure which was carved into rocks centuries ago by Native Americans. Kokopelli’s Cave is now a remote, multiroom bed-and-breakfast around 300 feet above the La Plata River Valley. Guests descend stairs to the entrance which is 70 feet below the Mesa top. It is here they find a 1,700-square-foot circular cavern which was once blasted out of the rock by geologist Bruce Black. He originally thought that the space would be his office. Instead, he made it into a B&B complete with a Jacuzzi and waterfall shower along with a full kitchen, living room with a fireplace, and bedroom and balcony with mesmerising views of the vast desert landscape laying below. Guests can also opt for a day-trip to Four Corners destinations such as Chaco Canyon or Mesa Verde national parks or explore the Navajo Nation.

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