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Smurfs Year at Brussels Expo

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From June 9, the Smurfs are relocating their village to Brussels. Exactly 60 years ago, some diminutive blue creatures appeared in the magazine ‘Spirou’ drawn by Pierre Culliford known as Peyo. To celebrate this anniversary in fitting style, 2018 will be Smurfs Year with the Smurf Experience, from June 9 at Brussels Expo. The Smurf Experience is a unique opportunity to explore the magical universe of these little blue folks. The visitors enter through a giant comic strip and find themselves deep in the forest and then they become smaller and smaller until they are the same size as a Smurf. Then they arrive in the legendary village where they learn about the life of the Smurfs through holograms and a 360° application. Next, they get to sip a magic elixir in King Smurf’s house and become ‘real Smurfs’. Help from all the Smurfs will be needed to achieve this. Then the visitors escape riding on the back of a stork, flying high above the forest. When the magic elixir stops working, visitors return to their normal size. They are then invited to the augmented reality village party where they learn the Smurf dance. Larger-than-life sets, spectacular effects and adventures will create a unique experience to share with family and friends.

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