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Samsung Electronics launches cost-efficient and customised cooling solutions

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Samsung India has come up with an advanced set of air conditioning systems designed especially for hospitality and household segment through the integration of cost-cutting technology in its existing HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems.

In a press conference held at Hotel Shangri-la-Eros, New Delhi on April 6, 2018, Vipin Aggarwal, director Samsung India Electronics, briefed the gathering about new air conditioning technologies that Samsung recently added to its portfolio of HVAC systems and elaborated about the highly cost-efficient and customised cooling solutions launched into the market.

During his presentation, Aggarwal enumerated a number of improvised air conditioning technologies over traditional energy and space consuming technologies. Informing about a new generation of air conditioners, Aggarwal said, “Since Samsung’s growth in hospitality solutions is 19 percent and 14 percent in real estate solutions. Therefore we have come up with an extensive product portfolio that caters to hospitality industry’s diverse needs. Our new innovations include 360 Cassette, which delivers even air flow as compared to traditional 4-way cassette air conditioner. Another product in this list is the Slim 1 Way Cassette that overcomes the challenges of space constraints being cited by architects while accommodating air-conditioners in designing stage. With a height of 135 mm, this AC can fit in less than six inches of height. This product is suitable mainly for a guest room in a hotel and patient room in a hospital. Other products include Digital Variable Multi (DVM), DVM Chiller, Ductable and a few others. These technologies are all power efficient and most preferred in hospitality segment.”

Apart from these technologies, Aggarwal also informed about Samsung’s ‘Wind-Free’ cooling technology that provides customers with a cooler indoor climate and optimal energy efficiency without the discomfort of direct cold airflow. This new lineup provides ambient conditions by maintaining comfortable room temperature using Wind-Free cooling technology to gently disperse cold air through 9,000 to 15,700 micro air holes. A two-step cooling system, which first lowers temperatures in ‘Fast Cooling Mode’ and then automatically switches to ‘Wind-Free’ cooling Mode, creates ‘still air’ once the desired temperature is achieved. This approach also reduces energy consumption by up to 50 percent compared to Fast Cooling mode. Smart controllers are also being integrated with these technologies, so as to reduce the hassle of manual operation and monitoring.

Speaking exclusively to Express TravelWorld, Aggarwal said, “Considering the lack of space these days, it won’t be wrong to say that customisable technology will rule the hospitality industry in the coming years. These products fit into that category. Our present focus is on the B2B industry and we will have more energy efficient products based on Wind-Free technology in the nearby future.”

Expressing his views on sustainable hospitality, Aggarwal said, “Our products are environment-friendly and energy efficient. We have avoided the use of CFC (Chloro Floro Carbons) in our lineage of air conditioners and stuck to the use of green gases instead, in our cooling systems.”

By Shivasheesh Srivastava

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