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“WildTrails App provides an easy way of identifying and booking wildlife trips”

Manjunath Gowda, CEO, WildTrails, speaks about the app that helps you book a wildlife trip with ease with almost sure sightings. By Reema Lokesh

Explain in brief the functioning of the app?

We are a 2-year-old end-to-end wildlife holidays management company. WildTrails is reshaping the wildlife tourism industry with a solution that uses data analytics, modern technologies, and AI/machine learning to deliver a personalized delightful experience for Wildlife Travelers. WildTrails is growing at100 percent in revenues quarter over quarter. WildTrails App provides an easy way of identifying and booking wildlife trips for the top exotic wildlife destinations across the world. WildTrails manages the end-to-end trip right from your flights, to wildlife resorts to wildlife safaris to pick-up/drops from local airports to even local experiences including 16-hr support via direct chat with our support staff via our App (in the event of any delays or last-minute issues to any general queries about your plan or destination) and WildTrails Support.

What is the business model and what is the primary USP of the App?

We sell wildlife packages to our customers. Like a platform, we make profits on both the supply and demand side. We are the world’s first and only company to bring sightings data analytics into planning Wildlife Holidays. We are also the pioneers in applying data mining and analytics, AI, Machine learning to deliver a truly customized wildlife experience at a scale that is unmatched today allowing us to reduce the time to book a trip from few weeks to just a few hours.

How does it work as a tool to empower the travel trade both in India and globally?

Booking a wildlife package to anywhere in the world is a very complex process and takes your time, commitment and hard work and which also make a lot of people drop it. But Wildtrails makes the whole process so simple and can be done within a couple of hours (we say now you can book a wildlife package on your Uber ride to your office). The Convenience and our USP Sighting Index and Recent Sightings Info is going to open up Wildlife Tourism to mainstream rather than just being only to hard cores. It’s going to open up in India too in a big way and mainly the Tiger Tourism is going to attract a lot of westerns who are big on wildlife to India. Tiger tourism is going to be the Gateway of Indian wildlife and then other species will catch up a big way

How do you plan to penetrate the market both online and offline?

We have a very good SEO, we come in the first page of Google for many keywords that matter in wildlife and also our social media rankings and engagements are very high and of course articles in main media and our Ads in Google and social media and also word of mouth (we have amazing testimonials) is helping us get more customers.

What is the current usage?

We are more than 50,000 downloads of the app both iOS and Android combined with 20 percent of it being monthly active users and we have more than 30,000 unique users a month to our website.

What are the visible competitors in your area of work?

Anybody who currently offers wildlife holidays like traditional tour operators and travel companies are our competitors. However, we feel that in all industries, technology and platform capabilities will win in the long run. Most of our current competitors have a website at the best, but we have added new capabilities – bringing animal sighting data and analytics for planning wildlife holidays, which is what matters to wildlife travelers. Also Getting an Automated Booking System for Wildlife Trip is the hardest thing and so far no one in the world has done this and we are the first to do it. We also see someday Google and Amazon can give us a run for our money as they bring technology and platform to tourism. But even in that case they don’t have the sightings info and metrics which is very hard to collect and to recreate (historical data) and that is where we have a huge edge compared to anyone. We even have images and video with a time stamp and you know what’s happening over there in the recent past.

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