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TreadRight Foundation launches ‘The TreadRight Heritage Initiative’

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The TreadRight Foundation, a joint initiative between The Travel Corporation’s family of brands, has launched The TreadRight Heritage Initiative. In its first year, in partnership with the Aspen Institute’s Alliance for Artisan Enterprise, the initiative will focus its support on artisans in Europe.

Brett Tollman, CEO, The Travel Corporation, said, “Exploring, discovering and illuminating cultural heritage is a crucial component of the travel experiences we provide. With the launch of The TreadRight Heritage Initiative, in partnership with the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise, we can help contribute to the strengthening of culture, provide much-needed support and resources to artisans who might otherwise have none, and invigorate an essential part of local economies.”

Through a series of grants, TreadRight will help support select European artisan enterprises that engage in the creation of handmade and culturally significant products. Grant applications are now open and interested organisations and individuals can apply through the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise. Recipients will be announced in January 2015.

Artisan activity is crucial to many economies around the world; however, integrating artisans into the global marketplace is historically challenging, as many fail to see artisan enterprise as a means to driving economic growth. TreadRight is helping to support the formidable efforts of the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise, as it looks to overcome that challenge.

Peggy Clark, director, Alliance for Artisan Enterprise, said, “The Alliance is proud to support artisans through its partnership with the TreadRight Foundation. Together, TreadRight and the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise will support ancient cultural traditions that preserve the unique richness and diversity of people and place. This partnership will provide invaluable livelihoods to artisans and will increase the visibility and importance of artisanal craft and cultural heritage. Small grants will allow artisans access to resources to improve their production capacity, business operations, facilities, and opportunities to work with designers and attend global markets.”

The TreadRight Heritage Initiative marks the second initiative launched by TreadRight, following the September launch of The TreadRight Wildlife Initiative, bringing together multiple brands under one banner to support another worthy cause.

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