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Hotels.com reveals unique destinations around the world to celebrate the JOMO this New Year

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From enchanting forests with sparkling waterfalls to pristine beaches with gorgeously golden sand, the world has an overflowing cascade of options to satisfy the never dying wanderlust of travellers. Spoilt with so many a variety, it is but natural for one to find themselves rather confused while picking on a destination for their next holiday.

The FOMO – Fear of Missing Out while indulging in travel experiences is now getting replaced with the JOMO – Joy of Missing Out trend. As an absolute contrast to FOMO, JOMO inspires one to bask in the joy of uniqueness in disappearing to a perfectly exceptional, untouched, lesser-known destination and in the bargain finding that inner solitude. Hotels.com, a leading online accommodation booking platform, has witnessed an interesting 18 per cent growth this year in searches for remote holiday destinations compared to 2017.

Keeping these stats in mind and with New Year 2019 almost here, Hotels.com has listed below some of the roads less travelled for Indian travellers to truly celebrate and recharge in the JOMO.

Knysna, South Africa

Ringed at the center of ancient forests and sandstone cliffs, Knysna is tranquil lagoon offering a traveller the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Apart from easy-going picnics and adventure sport activities, travellers here are also offered immense potential to indulge in the breathtaking experience of close contact with the wildlife and marine life. Knysna is one of the few destinations across the world that supports an oyster hatchery.
Hotel Recommendation: Brenton Beach House

Huacachina, Peru

Nestled in the midst of the wind-sculpted sand dunes of Peru is South America’s only natural desert Oasis, Huacachina. This surreal dessert is flanked by breathtakingly graceful palm trees and rustic stays where a backpacker can unwind and let go of the world outside. This Peruvian treasure is the most ideal opportunity for travellers who are keen on engaging in sandboarding and dune buggying activities on sand dunes stretching to over two hundred meters high. Should one be looking for something more relaxing, taking a dip in the therapeutic waters of Huacachine while watching the sun set psychedelically along the dreamy dunes can truly be a magical experience.
Hotel Recommendation: Hotel Las Flores Ica

Ischia Island, Italy

The vibrant volcanic island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples marks the ideal spot to make time stop and pamper oneself with a low-key relaxing vacay. Right from the healing baths at the countless springs, lazing along the sun-kissed beaches and taking a dip in the vast turquoise waters to strolling past the languid gardens, getting amazed by the rich vineyards and getting lost in the splendid landscape of chestnut woodland, Ischia Island offers a traveller so much to do. Hotel Recommendation: Villa Durrueli Resort & Spa

Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland

How often does it happen that one feels like just running away from the crowds? Ittoqqortoormiit is the least inhabited town in Greenland distantly located away from the other populated areas in Greenland. Surrounded by picturesque snowclad mountains and the frozen sea, this enchanting town provides visitors the most peaceful experience they could ask for in a natural winter habitat. If one is really lucky, they might also get a chance to witness live polar bears, seals, muskoxen, halibut and whales. Two things one should not miss here is the midnight sun and the view of the Northern Lights. Hotel Recommendation: Ittoqqortoormiit Guesthouse

Fes, Morocco

The city of Fes in Morocco is an intriguing concoction of urban centers established across eras. The city is best known to be frozen in time as it has successfully managed to preserve its ancient culture and traditions. Fes houses the famous Fez el Bali medina which is one of the world’s most significant car-free urban zone. The Andalusian and African architecture coupled with primitive handicraft trades is a shopper’s paradise. Further more the aromatic food stalls, vibrant souks armed with the never-ending kaleidoscopic patterns on the walls of buildings are sufficient to keep you mesmerized throughout your stay at one of Morocco’s finest! Hotel Recommendation: Riad Fes Baraka

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