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Perumthitta Theyyam Festival, Kasargod

The annual ten day Theyyam festival of Perumthitta Tharavadu Kottamkuzhy of Kasaragod district is prominent among the Theyyam festivals found in Kerala. It becomes the stage for a variety of Theyyams like Elayoor Theyyam, Chamundi Theyyam, Panchoorla Theyyam, Muthor Theyyam to name a few. The performer dons the role of heroes and ancestral spirits.

Theyyam is a spectacular art form that is particularly popular in Northern Kerala. It aims at retelling the great legends of old with its vibrant hues and ritualistic movements. Temples across the state have these performances regularly and it has become an integral part of the very cultural fabric of God’s Own Country. Today, these events draw crowds in the thousands, watching great artisans bringing old heroes to life.