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Christmas Crib International Festival, Italy

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The CometEvery year, from the beginning of December until the end of January the International Exhibition of Nativity Scenes Art and Tradition is held inside the Arena of Verona. The Christmas Crib, or creche, was invented by St Francis in 1223. In the Christmas Crib Exhibition, more than 400 scenes, renovated every year, are exhibited in the thrilling context of the internal arches of the Roman amphitheater: the Arena, coming from France, Spain, Slovenia, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Peru, Africa, Latin America, Cuba, Korea, China and Japan. A gigantic white iron Stella Cometa (Comet Star), symbolising the one that indicated the three wise men the place were Jesus was born, is erected in the Bra square, its tail stretching over the Arena.

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