Let’s travel together.

We should be agile and at the same time thoughtful of our decisions I Bhavesh Oza, VP, International Markets and Suprabh Oza, Business Development Manager – BookonBluestar.com

Primary motivator to pursue your professional goals in the travel and tourism
Travel is one such domain, which makes you meet the world, its exciting to interact with people across the country and the world, this in itself is a big motivator and adding to it what excites me more is that my online platform bookonbluestar.com helps people plan their dream holiday.

An observation you have made about the industry, either a challenge or an opportunity?
One crucial challenge which we have turned into an opportunity is technology. It keeps us on our toes always. Be it the 1st mobile app with whatsapp quotations and tickets to intelligent distribution of email at the back office we are on it.

Vision for the business?
We are having an encouraging 2018-2019 phase and planning the next year to ensure we have a double digit growth. How would we do this, by empowering our travel agent across India, to design and sell a complete travel product to its passengers with ease and the price advantage.

Technology has been a substantial game changer. Comment.
It definitely is and it depends on how effectively one uses it. At Bookonbluestar.com technology is not just to sell products but also how we use it to manage a lot of things at the back. Also how one uses it to innovate things.
For example, 3 years ago we launched air fare quotations through whatsapp.

Gen Nxt thought?
Representing the youth we should be agile and at the same time thoughtful of our decisions and also since we belong to the B2B domain we must ensure that its not “I” who grows in life but ” *WE* ” all grow *Together*