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A career in travel industry is a journey toward self- discovery: Tanushka Kaur Anand – Executive Director, Global Panorama Showcase

Tanushka Kaur Anand - Executive Director , Global Panorama Showcase speaks about her commitment to the trade and more.

Tanushka Kaur Anand – Executive Director , Global Panorama Showcase speaks about her commitment to the trade and more. By Reema Lokesh

Gen Nxt thought : Our aim is to adopt more technological innovations and work toward being a complete green event.

What was your primary motivator to pursue your professional goals in the travel and tourism sector?

Travelling and exploring new destinations has always fascinated me. So, when my father gave me two options, either pursue my education abroad or to join him and gain practical knowledge, I decided to choose the latter. He, very aptly once quoted that Books would not teach me what he can with the amount of knowledge and experience he has had over the years .Hence I joined my father’s business just after my high school ended. My education was never the means to my career. Rather, this industry helped me generate self- confidence and utilise my skills in proper direction . I wanted to learn it all and experience the same by travelling the world, which I am doing today. For me, a career in travel industry is a magical journey toward self- discovery, independence, adventure and happiness.

Is there a particular observation you have made about the industry, both challenge or an opportunity?

The major challenges of this industry include establishment of fluid connectivity across potential regions, building of brand awareness, enhancement of user experience for better productivity, customer commitment & retention, providing a unique travel experience along with a better, affordable and secure infrastructure and growth opportunities. Initially, reaching out to tier II & tier III markets was a major challenge for us, which motivated us to take GPS to these markets. In the year 2016 we also introduced the GPS INDIA App to empower the attendees with better and substantial participation. Another challenge that we faced was the technological unawareness of the attendees vis – a vie the app’s new format, which was successfully managed by the efforts of our team. Our primary focus was to provide a platform where in exhibitors & buyers can stay connected pre & post the event for which the GPS App played a major role. When we speak about opportunities, I personally have gained a lot of experience and knowledge from this industry which has enriched my personal growth in a big way.

What’s your vision for the business?

As a part of the travel industry, we endeavour to register our presence across the country and envision 5 verticals of GPS (EDWIN, 10X, Xclusive Club, EduX, ECO-CONNECT, KIT Talks). Our aim is to adopt more technological innovations to enhance the events space by creating a virtual environment . With EDWIN we are already growing internationally, thereby providing agents with a first hand experience of various destinations and connecting them with local suppliers.

Technology has been a substantial game changer. What’s your take on it?

Technology indeed stands as a powerful tool to facilitate effective communication, smooth operation and enhance productivity.

GPS is completely technology driven including all the activities at the event and the entire networking. GPS App has emerged as a virtual marketplace beneficial for both the buyers and the exhibitors. Introduction of Prize Port a fun element feature has further increased attendee engagement and has even added a recall value.
Moreover, our tagline ‘Go Paperless with GPS’ have been successfully executed and also made our show a complete E Event.

Use of lead scanning feature wherein just by scanning the attendee badge one can get all the contact & company details, this has enabled mass storage and easy accessibility of scanned data in excel format thereby decreasing the manual work. Thus, I truly believe that technology is key to our positive growth and development.

Your Gen Nxt thought?

Our aim is to cut down the use of flex and become a complete Green Event. Our aim is to adopt more technological innovations. Moving forward we plan to create the most comprehensive and integrated B2B travel & tourism interaction platform in the country.