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Travel has split into various segments | Dheeraj S Kandur, Partner, Flight Shop Holidays

Gen Nxt thought: Travel has split into various segments

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Primary motivator to pursue your professional goals in the travel and tourism sector? This is a family business and was quite monotonous when my father stepped in. Over the years there was a certain transformation. Technology changed the game and travel wasn’t for just luxury anymore. It catered to the masses. It was a conscious decision to make a career in this field as it provides ample opportunities to cater to all kinds of people. An observation made about the industry, either a challenge or an opportunity? One observation is that travel has split into various segments. Every segment of travel has carved out its own niche. Luxury travel, backpacking, family travel, getaways, cruise travel, adventure travel, culinary tourism and the list goes on. There are wonderful opportunities in each segment and different challenges catering to every individual. The industry is ever changing to the needs of the client, as everything is more easily accessible today. Vision for the business? My vision of business is to provide a series of experiences according to every traveler’s interests with merging of technology and ample expertise on the destination. Technology has been a substantial game changer. Comment. Technology has changed tremendously, which I see as a great opportunity. The social media has provided huge potential. People can access everything at their fingertips. Technology is getting the world closer as accessibility through technology has become very very easy. Technology also provides a challenge to us as the client is smarter due to this accessibility and henceforth driving an enormous competition in the market. I would also like to mention the time frame for every confirmation has reduced drastically thanks to the dynamic selling platforms available, pushing us to serve travel experiences to more and more clients Gen Nxt thought? I would like to promote and sell experiential travel for the travellers with respective inclusions of culture, adventure, culinary and lifestyle with importance of environmental sustenance, so we can preserve this beautiful experience for the generations to come.]]>

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