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There is a need to promote sustainable travel. | Radhika Gupta, Director – Business Development, Vayu Seva Tours & Travels

Primary motivator to pursue your professional goals in the travel and tourism sector? I joined the travel business in 2015, when the most recent market survey suggested that travel will be fastest growing Industry in the world, the industry providing the highest employment in the next 10 years. And this has proved itself right. My motivators to join tourism business have been tremendous opportunities for business and opportunity to work on different projects and destinations so the work never gets monotonous. An observation you have made about the industry, either a challenge or an opportunity? Opportunity – Tier II and III cities where people have sufficient disposable incomes but less exposure to knowledge/ ideas as compared to the metropolitan. Challenges – the influx of information online (which is both a boon and a bane) which confuses the travelers. What’s your vision for the business? To promote sustainable and meaningful travel that concentrates more on experiences. Technology has a substantial game changer. Comment. Technology has been a massive game changer in the travel industry – in the spread of information as well as marketing support. e-commerce, high tech photography gadgets, social media platforms have totally transformed the way people travel. Gen Nxt thought? There is a need to promote sustainable travel. I still feel that the Indian traveler needs to be educated about travel etiquette and be sensitised that there are different cultures across the world. Adaptability will lead to sustainability. I’m doing my bit and would really encourage the Gen Nxt travel consultants to contribute to this.]]>