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The Indian traveler is becoming a lot savvier | Kanika Gandhi, Founder, Pangea Travels

Gen Nxt thought: We have risen above challenges

Primary motivator to pursue your professional goals in the travel and tourism sector? It all started with my friends turning to me for travel advice. They knew I had access to resources and information passed on to me by mother, Dimple Gandhi who is a travel agent and Director at Cutting Edge. Although I had an MBA and was a business consultant, I enjoyed doing this a lot more and naturally moved towards the travel and tourism industry. I recently started Pangea Travel to focus exclusively on the high-end, discerning traveller and am creating some unique and luxurious travel experiences for my clients. An observation about the industry, either challenge or an opportunity? The travel industry has undergone a major change after the internet. Online forums and websites bombard prospective travellers with open access information about travel, places, etc. While some might say this has been challenging, we at Pangea have risen above it. If anything, it has been a great opportunity to use this as an information base to create curated and personalised trips for our clients. Since Pangea is all about luxury travel, our clients appreciate the expertise and thought we put into each of their trips. Good agents offering good services are valuable. Vision for the business? I see travel as a transformative, enriching and life-changing experience. I have grown enormously as a person through my travels. I want to spread this culture of travel as a tool for personal growth. I want people to do more than just book a ticket and tick sightseeing spots. It is my vision at Pangea, to imbibe a culture of travel as exploration and discovery. We specialise in special interest travel, and experience based trips that serve as a springboard for people to truly discover not only a place but themselves through it. Technology has a substantial game changer. Comment. Thanks to technology the world is our oyster. Technology has helped us turn a local business into a global business. Today, Pangea has as many clients abroad as it does in India. Our global industry connections have grown exponentially. Turnaround times have reduced considerably, and everything is instant. Technology has brought us closer to the world and the world closer to us. Gen Nxt thought? I see the personal travel space growing rapidly. Until recently, in India the Indian travel industry had more of a package tour emphasis. The Indian traveler is evolving and becoming a lot savvier. ]]>