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Technology, though a need of the hour, also needs to be regulated | Adl Abdul Karim, Director, Creative Tours & Travels

Primary motivator to pursue your professional goals in the travel and tourism sector? Travel and tourism sector has always been fascinating for me, since I have been one of the few lucky ones whose grown up in the travel trade since childhood because of my father. The primary reason that motivated me to join this evolving industry is that it connects you to the cultures of different parts of the world. An observation about the industry, either a challenge or an opportunity? One major challenge is that there are constant disruptions in the market place with rapid evolution in technology, which is a need of the hour but at the same time it needs to be regulated. India is suppose to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world and the third largest aviation market after US and China, so yes I see loads of opportunity to cash into this, as 60-70 percent of our population is yet to travel in an aircraft Vision for the business? Our vision would be to diversify into different travel verticals. Creative has been a consolidator in airline ticketing over the last 4 decades, we also have a DMC division for Kerala under Creative Holidays and we are also increasing our foot prints in Corporate and MICE travel as well as religious/pilgrimage segments. Technology has been a substantial game changer. Comment. Technology has been a major disruptor for traditional travel agents, but it is the need of the hour and travel agents fraternity need to keep up with time and evolve. Travel agents need to look at it from an investment point of view, which will reap benefits in future if you have the right technology in place. Creative has also developed an online portal to cater to our b2b clients in the name of flycreative.in. Gen Nxt thought? I would like to reemphasise that travel agents need to look at technology from an investment point of view, which will reap benefits in future. if you have the right technology in place. ]]>