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Egencia partners with Amadeus to offer ancillaries to business travellers

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No business traveller wants to pay for a bag at the last minute at the airport, and no travel manager enjoys going to several websites to book different elements of their clients’ trips. Expedia’s business travel management company, Egencia, has partnered with Amadeus and airlines to offer ancillaries to business travellers. Egencia business travellers are now able to book extra baggage at the same time they book their flight. Egencia has been offering merchandising content to its clients for more than 10 airlines, including Air France, its pilot airline partner.

“At Egencia, we work hard at putting everything business travellers need in one place to help make their experience better. Letting travellers and our travel agents book extra baggage along with the rest of the trip does just that. This is good for our travellers, agents, and airline partners,” said Igor Marchal, director, supply development, Egencia.

Egencia’s move to integrate merchandising comes one year after its parent company, Expedia, began offering Amadeus Airline Fare Families to its leisure travellers.

“In 2015, we saw online travel agencies and airlines embrace merchandising in a big way, and we think travel management companies will join in on the action in 2016. Seats and bags are just the beginning. New ways to book a flight, including rich content, are just around the corner,” stated Pedro Espin, associate director, merchandising and personalisation, Amadeus.

Amadeus observed a nearly 100 per cent growth in the sale of airline ancillary services by travel agencies, especially online travel agencies, in 2015. Amadeus expects this growth to continue given the evolution of airline content, and the strong demand for merchandising technology in the travel market.