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Patna, one of the world’s oldest capital cities, has been known for its rich fertile land and cultural history spanning well over two millennium. Apart from its rich heritage, Patna is also a gateway for many popular and unexplored destinations.

Located 88 km south east of Patna, is the famous Nalanda university considered to be the religious centre of learning from fifth century AD to 1197 AD. This ancient university, constructed with red bricks and occupying an area of 14 hectares, has attracted students from all over the world and is currently one of the most visited tourist spots. A destination closer to Nalanda is Rajgir, a small hilly town covered with green forest and a sacred spot for Buddhism. Apart from being a place of worship, Rajgir has also developed as a health resort because of its warm ponds containing medicinal properties.

Vaishali, a popular tourist destination, has been attracting a vast population of Buddhist and Jain monks over the years as Buddha is supposed to have preached his last sermon here. The city has many lotus ponds and parks, apart from monasteries and stupas.

The city of Bodhgaya, about 113 km from Patna, is situated on the shores of the shallow Lilanjan river and houses many shrines dedicated to Buddha.

Pawapuri, a place located in the Nalanda district of Bihar, exhibits rich cultural heritage and exquisite architecture through temples like Jalmandir, Marble Temple and Samosharan.

Located outside Patna and in the middle of the Ganges plateau is Sitamarhi. Known as the birthplace of Goddess Sita, this little hamlet offers a rare combination of fashionable structures, sacred shrines and natural beauty.

One of the chief trading centres in Bihar, Muzaffarpur is named after Muzaffar Khan who founded it in the 18th century. Once a part of the Lichhavi kingdom, Muzaffarpur shares its border with Vaishali.

Telhara, an upcoming tourism spot offers scenic beauty in and around its geographical boundary. The Namala Fort and the Akola Cricket Club ground are interesting manmade structures in the city, while Achalpur and Raver 45 km and 54 km away, offer interesting visual sights.

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