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In this competitive and cluttered business environment of travel, tourism and hospitality, going niche with one’s product and design seems to be a well crafted formula. It is crucial to identify the USP that sets you apart, both in terms of product design and execution. It is that unique service and experience backed by seamless operational excellence, that will give the customer a sense of assurance and intangible comfort to become your loyal clientele. Astute businessmen have got this formula right, which is also a result of continuous study and research of the travellers’ changing tastes and preferences. The business setup is dynamic and people’s tastes and requirements are also changing rapidly. Complacency and ‘copy-paste’ itineraries are elements that are hamper the success of one’s business.

The common factors that run across most well positioned companies are product innovation, upgradation and constant research as it is important to keep in touch with the customer’s needs. The definition of luxury travel in the tourism space itself has gone through its share of maturity. From opulent to subtle, from glamour to grassroots, luxury travel has changed its meaning over time. It is all about the niche experience, and at times a high end nature resort that offers tranquility is what the discerning traveller is in search of.  

It is not surprising to note that the India Tourism pavilion and most of the tourism entities from India are scheduled to prominently present their niche products at ATM 2013. It’s also interesting to note that other tourism boards and associations are ready to partner with stakeholders to provide the customer, both national and global, a well-defined and complete product. The coming together of the Tea Board of India and the tourism ministry is refreshing news. Recently, a new strategic partnership was also signed between UNWTO and the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) on the occasion of the PATA Annual Summit (April 26) in Bangkok with the key objectives of advancing economic diversification, cultural and environmental preservation through tourism. Tourism by its very nature cannot be sold in isolation. The sector touches diverse industries and it is heartening to note that progressive steps are being taken to make sense out of tourism.

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