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Melghat Tiger Reserve

Popularly known as the ‘Orange city’, Nagpur is the second largest city in Maharashtra.

Starting off with the famous Chikhaldara, situated in the district of Amravati, the destination is best known for its wildlife sanctuary- The Gugamal National Park. Gugamal is famous as one of the last remaining habitats of the Indian tiger species in Maharashtra. The travel distance from Mumbai-Chikhaldara is 763 km and Nagpur –Chikhaldara is 230 km and Amravati-Chikhaldara is 100 km. The Melghat Tiger Reserve, of which the Gugamal National Park forms the core part, came to be designated as a sanctuary in 1975. The other places of interest also include vicinity like the Devi Point, the Prospect Point and the Hurricane Point. For history and art lovers, a trip to Narnala fort and the Gavilgad Fort is a must.

Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh which is five hours away from Nagpur is also an excellent option for adventure lovers. The park came into being in 1955 and forms the core of the Kanha Tiger Reserve, created in 1974 under Project Tiger. The park’s landmark achievement is the preservation of the rare hardground Swamp Deer (Barasingha), saving it from near extinction.

The Pench National Park situated in Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh in India is one of the most popular national parks in India. The park can be reached from Nagpur in three hours. It was declared a national park by the Government of Maharashtra in 1975 and received the official status of ‘Tiger Reserve of India’ in February 1999.

Best known for the famous Sikh shrine, Hazur Sahib also known as the Sachkhand Gurudwara, Nanded, a centrally located town in Maharashtra has been of importance as a holy city. It takes about five hours (334 km) to reach Nanded by road from Nagpur. Besides, the destination is also home to many ancient forts like Kandhar, Dharur and Kunthaligiri.

Famous for its temples, Wardha in Maharashtra is only one hour from Nagpur. Presently serving as a prominent cotton trade centre, this place has its significance in the Gandhian era. The famous temples include the Gitai Mandir, the Laxmi Mandir, the Mahakali Mandir. The Vishwa Shanti Stupa, the Paramdham Ashram, Sevagram Ashram, and the Magan Sangrahalaya museum are the other attractions that make Wardha a hotspot.

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