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‘We are doing a campaign to exempt tourism from hartals’

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As the new president of ATTOI what would be the key issues you would be focusing on?

Anish Kumar P K

ATTOI would focus on two areas – first, opportunities for members and second, resolve and rectify issues and challenges faced by our members. We have conducted international roadshows at Malaysia and Singapore to promote tourism. International Conference on Travel Technology ( ICTT India) conducted at Kovalam by ATTOI was the first of its kind technology education for the members and stake holders of tourism in India. We are planning to do more tourism promotion in emerging markets through road shows as well as by using digital platforms to bring in more business for our members. ATTOI is now doing a campaign to exempt tourism from the hartals ( strikes). Tour operators are finding it difficult to operate tours in Kerala on a hartal day. Our Facebook campaign against the same got overwhelming support from the trade and public, the poll campaign on social media had a positive response with 99 per cent percentage of the voters being against hartals.

Can you elaborate on your motto ‘Integrity in Tourism’?

Nowadays 60 per cent of the tourism is online. Identifying the right tour operator is an important element of holidaying. ATTOI choose its members with strict selection criteria to ensure honesty and trustworthiness. It is a platform of like minded people having ethics and moral principles. Our unity keeps ATTOI as a pressure group in the tourism industry.

What is your targeted member base?

For membership we have no targets, only those who qualify our membership criteria are being offered our membership.

Any important events you are planning to organise in 2014?

We are planning for the second edition of ICTT India as well as one or two international road shows.

What is your vision for ATTOI?

To make members of ATTOI true tourism professionals. We plan to give training on marketing, logistics and training on using social media to generate business for our members.

Any other significant factor?

We see considerable shift in markets and channels of distribution in tourism. Eurozone used to be the main source market for India and economic slow down in Europe has paved the way to find new markets. Middle East, East Asia, Australia and North America are becoming new markets for India. Online penetration also makes world a market.