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Saint-Tropez aims to lure individual Indian travellers

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Saint-Tropez, part of the French Riveira, is looking at the high-end individual Indian traveller. Discussing further the strategy for India, Claude Maniscalo, director, Saint-Tropez Tourism informed, “We have seen an increase in the number of Indians coming to Saint Tropez in the last three years. The strategy for growth for India is to keep the information flowing and welcome all those who are willing to come. We however are not looking for volume of business but more of quality. We want visitors who appreciate the ambiance, culture and the history the village has to offer.For 2011-12 we have seen 5000 Indians staying overnight at Saint-Tropez.”

The year 2012 was celebrated as the Year of India in Saint Tropez. The town offered itself as a platform for showcasing Indian art and culture to its five million visitors. “We are also partnering in Gitanjali Fair taking place in Puducherry. This is a literary fair where authors from France and India as well as authors who write in either language will come together. It will be conducted every year with alternating destinations of Saint-Tropez and Puducherry,” said Maniscalo. The aim of partnering with such an event is to create a stronger connect with the people and make them aware of the destination.

Henri Prevost-Allard, deputy mayor and in charge of tourism, Saint-Tropez said, “We have to continuously work to inform and attract visitors. India is growing and it is the market of tomorrow. We are working with the Indian Embassy to organise an Indian film festival either pre or post the Cannes film festival. This will allow us to showcase Saint Tropez as a great film location.” Saint-Tropez Film Commission, which is the first in Europe, can assist and help with location and even technical requirements of a film crew.