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Parag Milk Foods looks at promoting dairy tourism

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Devendra Shah

Pune-based Parag Milk Foods, private dairy company and manufacturers of Gowardhan and Go brands, is looking at promoting its Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farm as a tourist spot to promote dairy tourism.

Speaking exclusively to Express TravelWorld on this new development, Devendra Shah, chairman, Parag Milk Foods said, “We at Parag are constantly innovating and finding ways of touching our consumer’s lives with new and exciting products. I am looking at this as a concept which is new and unique. Our consumption of dairy products in daily routine consists of 30-35 per cent, hence consumers are keen to know about the making of dairy products and this tour will help them understand it.”

The approximately Rs 850 crore company has been exporting its Gowardhan brand of butter, milk powder, etc, to nearly 47 countries since 2000. Also its range of cheese products are sold under the brand ‘Go’ which it exports to 15 countries. Elaborating on the facilities of the farm, Shah added, “The Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farm is spread over 40 acres and equipped with the best technology for milking and bottling. The farm boasts of a count of over 3,000 cows called Holstein-Friesian and has unique facilities and state-of-the-art rotary parlour system. The special team of personnel are trained and lead by Edmund V Piper, who has over 30 years of experience in the dairy industry and a degree in agriculture.”

Talking about how the company is looking to promote the dairy tourism concept, Shah informed, “So far we are not in talks with any travel agents or state tourism boards for our promotional activities. But in the future for the larger scale we definitely need their support. We will begin by using the print media and later look at attending trade fairs for creating awareness.”

The company is continuously engaged in research and development for new products. It recently launched UHT milk, lassi and paneer in the market. “We have a large market share in institutional sales, almost 30-35 per cent,” informed Shah.

On the business opportunity in dairy products segment in the market, he opined, “The milk and dairy category in India is only growing bigger. I am sure with more domestic and international players coming in, the market and demand would only expand. The challenge therefore for any brand would be to increase their distribution, create value offerings for consumers and constantly reinvent and innovate, thereby creating a differentiation in the consumers’ minds.”

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